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The Manas de la Hoz Endurance team is in charge of the physical preparation of these genetically selected horses for the endurance discipline.


The special location of the stables in broad nature, surrounded by trails, mountains, and with access to some of the best beaches in Spain create unparalleled training conditions for our team.


Moreover, their meticulous methodology and persistent training, create the ideal characteristics for this training center to achieve the best performance posible.


Manas de la Hoz Endurance team is also an organizing committee for anual national and international endurance races.

Adal Bahia


Ready for CEI *** 160 km
CEI ** Castelsagrat
CEI ** Monpazier
CEI * 2nd
In the top 10 in CEI*
Castelsagrat (6th)
In his first race in CEI**
Monpazier, maintained an average of
18 km/h

Adal Cabinda


CEI***160 km Monpazier
CEI ** Castelsagrat
CEI ** Vaylats 20km/h
CEI* Santa Susana 3rd
CEI* Monpazier 8th

Adal Duna


Ready for CEI** 120 km.
CEIYJ* Vitoria 2023 2nd
CEIYJ* Liendo 1st Best
CET0* Liendo 3rd Best
CET0* Karrantza 2nd

F Conan

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Ready for CEI *** 160 km
CEI **Monpazier
CEI ** Tartas
CEI * Tordera
CEI * Vilaltella

Adal Cascaabel


Ready for CEI *** 160 km
CEI** Vilaltella 2nd
CEI** 120 km

Adal Eclipse

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Ready to start

Winning half-brothers in the UAE



Ready for 160 km
CEI** Monpazier 2nd A 21 km/h
Winner CEI** Vilaltella

Yamira GC

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Sister of Zaragato winner at Dubai Races

O* Classified

  • This year Manás de la Hoz will be the meeting point for the next Raid in Liendo, on June 4, 2022. This competition includes the categories CET 0*, CEAP 60, CEAP 40 and CEAI 2o and will take place in the wonderful Liendo Valley, which......

  • The results of the III Raid Hípico Memorial Dª MARIÁNGELES BRAVO, held on June 4, are already published: CET 0*, CEAP 60, CEAP 40 and CEAI 2o >> See the RESULTS VIDEO OF THE MEMORIAL...

  • In Santa Susanna, an enclave located between the sea and the mountains, took place last December 3, 4 and 5 the oldest Equestrian Raid in Europe. The day ended with a third place for Manás de la Hoz in the CEI 1* 100km category, with......

  • The results of the championship of Cantabria of June 5, 2021, which included the following open events, are already published: CEN1*, CET1*, CET0*/60/40/20 KM >> Download RESULTS CHAMPIONSHIP VIDEO IMÁGENES DEL CAMPEONATO...

  • Manás de la Hoz will be the nerve center of the next championship of Cantabria on June 5, 2021. The valley of Liendo will be a special setting for its beauty. This championship, which contains the open races: CEN1, CET1, CET0*/60/40/40/20 KM will also be......